Looking for important tax forms in preparation for meeting with us? You’ve come the right place. Here you’ll find important documents you’ll need when you file.

The worksheets on this page are intended as a guide only.  Please consult with your tax professional to determine if these deductions apply to your current situation.

How To Use This Page

Downloading & printing is easy. Simply click on a form’s link. A PDF will open in a new browser tab or window. Select “File” then “Print”.

Taxpayer Document Checklist

Regardless of who’s filing your taxes this year, you need to be prepared. Here’s A handy checklist of documents you’ll need for filing your taxes.

Taxpayer Document Checklist

Self Employment Tax Information Worksheet

A simple explanation of Income, Expenses, Cost of Good Sold, Depreciation, etc.

Self Employment Tax Information

Rental Property Information Worksheet

A brief list of items to track if you own rental property or collect rent for a portion of your own home.

Rental property worksheet

Deduction list for those who itemize

Maximize your deductions by knowing what to keep track of.

Schedule A worksheet

Truck drivers have a unique set of deductions

Track your expenses to save on your tax bill.

Truck Driver deduction list