Tips for picking your tax professional

There’s that little coffee shop that is your favorite place to grab a latte. Or maybe you have a favorite hairstylist that is the only person you will go to after one too many bad haircuts from a chain salon. But what kind of relationship do you have with your tax professional? If you don’t have a favorite already, it’s worth your effort to find one.

Having some one that you feel comfortable with and trust is an absolute must when it comes to your taxes. Because of the IRS due diligence requirements, tax professionals are required to ask increasingly probing questions about your home and personal life when claiming certain credits such as Earned Income Credit or the Child Tax Credit. Even if you aren’t claiming these credits, having a tax professional that cares about you as an individual and knows your situation, goals, and needs, can help you do some tax planning which could lead to major tax savings over the course of your lifetime. Plus, it’s a good feeling to have some one you already know and trust in your corner to help you take the necessary next steps if you ever receive a letter from the IRS.

Some of my favorite tax bloggers have some really good tips for finding the right tax professional for your needs. (Links in the quotes below)

“You don’t want a know-it-all tax professional. It is okay for her to say she doesn’t know the answer and will need to look it up. This is normal! If the candidate never needs to research they are either a prodigy or an idiot and I’m not betting on prodigy.”
– The Wealthy Accountant

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Wealthy Accountant. Research and continuing education is one of the most important aspects of what we do.

“The key, as with hiring any professional, is to ask questions. Ideally, you’d establish a relationship – remember, you’re trusting this person with your personal and financial details.”
– Tax Girl

Even the IRS as a good list to help you find the right person for you and tips to help you avoid “fly-by-night” preparers or scammers who would take advantage of you.

Ask about Service Fees. Avoid preparers who base fees on a percentage of the refund or who boast bigger refunds than their competition.”
– IRS Tax Tips

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  1. Rosie Beckett
    Rosie Beckett says:

    I am thinking about hiring a tax preparer because it will save me time and money on my personal taxes this upcoming year. It makes a lot of sense that I need to look for a preparation professional who I can trust and that will save me the most money. In my opinion, I think it would be a good idea to interview potential professionals before I hire them so I make sure that I feel comfortable working with them and I can make sure they have experience saving their other customers money.

  2. Skylar Williams
    Skylar Williams says:

    I agree that it is very important for a tax professional to be trustworthy and dedicated to their job. I would love it if I had a CPA that I knew on a personal level. My cousin just started a plumbing business and he’s going to need help with taxes and finances. I will suggest that he find one that he can be completely open with.

  3. Randy Chorvack
    Randy Chorvack says:

    I agree that you should be comfortable with your tax preparer. Having a good relationship with anybody you’re working with is a good idea. It helps you work better because you can work together amicably.

  4. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    My uncle made a mistake last time preparing his taxes, and I want to talk him into hiring a tax preparation service. I agree that you should hire a professional tax preparer that you feel comfortable with. Thanks to your suggestions, we will find the right tax preparation service so he can avoid making another mistake.

  5. Sophia Slate
    Sophia Slate says:

    Thank you for your great tips on picking a tax professional! I am thinking about hiring a tax preparer to save me time. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when looking for a tax professional.

  6. Brad Erwin
    Brad Erwin says:

    It’s good to know that a good tax professional doesn’t know all the answers of the time and will have to look things up. My wife and I are looking to hire a tax service so that we don’t have to do them on our own this year like we did last year. I will be sure I don’t let a lack of being able to have every answer scare me away from choosing a good tax professional in my area.

  7. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    I loved that you elaborated on the importance of hiring a tax professional that you can fully trust to help you. My father is thinking about hiring a tax preparer to help him with his business, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about your recommendations to help him find the best tax preparer for his company.

  8. David Johnson
    David Johnson says:

    Thank you for explaining that a tax professional who knows your needs and goals can help you get tax savings. With tax season coming up, I need to know what to file so that I can provide for my family. I’ll have to hire a tax preparation service.

  9. Tyson Coolidge
    Tyson Coolidge says:

    I like what you said about making sure that you trust your tax professional. My sister has been telling me about how she wants to make sure that her taxes are done properly in the coming year. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with this.

  10. Rachel Frampton
    Rachel Frampton says:

    Ever since I started my own business, I’ve been having difficulty when it comes to preparing my taxes. Thereofre, I’ve decided to start looking for a tax preparation service that will be able to deal with the matter. It’s great to have learned that by having a tax professional that cares about me and is aware of my goals, needs and situation, will be able to help me out with tax planning.

  11. Kristofer Van Wagner
    Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    My younger brother will be filing for his tax for the first time this year and he needs an experienced accountant to help prepare and advise him. I like that this post mentioned that it makes sense to hire a preparation professional who is trustworthy as well as help save him save the most money. I will share this article with my brother when I meet with him later today.

  12. Wade Joel
    Wade Joel says:

    I loved that you mentioned you need to consider asking about their service fees to choose the right tax professional to help you. My father has been struggling with his business taxes, and we are looking for advice about what to do. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the right tax professional to help him.

  13. Charlotte Fleet
    Charlotte Fleet says:

    I like that you mention the importance of making sure that you feel comfortable with your tax professional and trust them to help you. My husband and I have been wondering how to file our taxes since we got married this year. I think we should find a professional with experience in tax preparation services for help.

  14. Rebecca Gardner
    Rebecca Gardner says:

    It made sense when you explained why it’s important to find a tax professional that we trust and feel comfortable working with. I just learned that my brother is looking for an attorney to help with the tax planning and preparation for his new local service business. I’ll pass along these tips so he can more easily identify the right lawyer to work with and feel confident about his choice!

  15. Kate Hansen
    Kate Hansen says:

    It was really helpful when you said that it is a must to find someone you feel comfortable with. My sister was telling me last night about how she is needing to get help with her taxes, and that she wants to make sure that she finds the right professional to help her. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know what to look for when finding a tax professional.

  16. Kristofer Van Wagner
    Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    I do believe that experience is important when choosing tax services. My mother was asking about how to file our taxes and tax relief. I will advise her to ensure she hires experienced tax services.

  17. Taylor Hicken
    Taylor Hicken says:

    It’s great when you mentioned that it is absolutely important to have someone that you feel comfortable with and trust when it comes to your taxes. My wife and I are looking for a tax preparer to help us with tax filing since we just got married last month. I will keep in mind to look for a reliable tax preparer who we are comfortable with and most importantly someone we can trust wholeheartedly.

  18. Wade Joel
    Wade Joel says:

    I loved that you mentioned you need to consider a tax preparer that can deal with you properly. My wife and I are thinking about how to improve our tax efficiency, and we are looking for advice. I will make sure to contact a tax preparer that can help us to deal with our problems.

  19. Eileen Benson
    Eileen Benson says:

    Thanks for explaining that CPAs should be willing to research our questions rather than having a know-it-all attitude. My sister has gotten behind on her business taxes over the last couple of months and wants to work with a tax resolution service now before things go out of control. I’ll have to share this info so she can evaluate and compare potential tax services in her area more easily!

  20. Zoe Campos
    Zoe Campos says:

    It really helped when you said that I should find someone that I can trust and feel comfortable with to help me with my taxes. It will be my first time next year and I’m not confident enough to compile the necessary paperwork. Maybe hiring a professional who offer tax services can help me avoid violations for the first time.

  21. Chris Pederson
    Chris Pederson says:

    This will be a tough year for me to file my taxes for. I had a couple of different jobs in 2020 so I think I might need help to file it all correctly. Having that feeling of know someone is in your corner sounds like it could really help me out right now.

  22. Larry Weaver
    Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for the advice to find a tax professional you can establish a relationship with. I have been having a hard time with my taxes for the past few years, and I am worried about the future of my company. I’ll look for a tax professional I can trust to help me manage my taxes this year.

  23. Adam Golightly
    Adam Golightly says:

    My wife, and I have been thinking about taking better care of our taxes, so that we can have the right preparation. We would really like to get some help to file the document with a professional. It was interesting to learn about how they should trust them because they will ask probing questions about home, and present life.

  24. Thomas Clarence
    Thomas Clarence says:

    It’s great that you mentioned that it is important to find a tax agent that you are comfortable with and can trust. I would think that it would be a good idea to work with an accounting agent if you are wanting someone to review your taxes before you file them for the year. A tax agent would be able to identify problems that might keep you from receiving the full benefit of filing.

  25. Kristofer Van Wagner
    Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    I do agree that it is important for us to consider the experience when hiring a tax professional. It makes sense for us to bear in mind their experience as it represents their knowledge and skills. Assuming that I need to hire tax services, I will definitely look at their experience before choosing a professional to hire.

  26. Braden Bills
    Braden Bills says:

    I’ve been having a hard time getting my taxes done. It makes sense that working with a professional would be really helpful for this! I’ll be sure to get a professional to help me out with this. That seems like a good way to ensure that I handle things properly.

  27. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    I’m glad you talked about how it’s important to ask about an accountant’s fees before hiring one. Recently, my wife and I had some issues with our taxes. My sister suggested we look for a tax preparer to avoid any mistake, and we believe your article will help us find one. Thanks for the tips about how to find an accountant for your needs.

  28. Max Jones
    Max Jones says:

    It was helpful to learn from this article that it is normal for tax professionals to not know everything and it is ok if they don’t have all of the answers. My neighbor told me yesterday that she is struggling with keeping track of her company’s taxes this year. I’ll tell her to consider finding tax consulting that is professional but doesn’t have to be a know-it-all so she can get help with managing her company’s taxes.

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